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home staging

First step:

  • Define the points that block the sale or rental of the property in question

  • Highlighting the spaces

  • Take photos and create a report detailing the measures to be taken.

  • On the basis of the report, you can carry out the improvements yourself or go further and be accompanied by de Rooij Design =>  step n.2

Second step:​ 

  • Define the list of furniture and other items to be removed

  • Change the arrangement of furniture

  • List of materials and objects to buy in order to create a certain atmosphere to attract the future buyer

  • 2D plan, 3D views

  • Based on the information received, you can make the improvements and rearrangement yourself or go further and be accompanied by de Rooij Design => step n.3

Third step:       

  • Execution/monitoring of the work

  • Ordering furniture and any other decorative accessory

  • Selection of quotations from different service providers

  • Work planning

  • Interaction with the service providers and follow-up of the progress of the work

  • And finally, the reception of the work

intérieur canapé du salon design
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